Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Employees support United Way and Project Homeless Connect

Our annual United Way workplace giving campaign is underway, and some employees are showing their support by volunteering for Milwaukee Project Homeless Connect. They joined in a one-day event, funded in part by United Way, which brought multiple resources together to serve people experiencing homelessness.

Left to right: Paul Becherer, Paul Kessler, Hallie Knipple, 
Lisa Bahr, Jared Peccarelli.
Paul Becherer, plant operator at our Valley Power Plant in Milwaukee, was among those who helped guests navigate the services and resources, which included haircuts, health and dental checkups, flu shots and housing information. Becherer worked the overnight shift prior to the event, going home for just an hour of sleep before volunteering on what was scheduled to be his day off.

“We all need to give back to the community so that we can make this a better world to live in,” Becherer said of his decision to volunteer.

One of the guests he helped shared his personal story with Becherer. “Listening to Nathaniel’s story of living on the streets was very humbling, so giving up a little sleep and time was well worth it,” he said.

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